We’re Going Adventuring, My Son And I

Today, I watched J play in the park. He had found a friend, a little girl his own age. As she sat on the seat of the roundabout dangling her legs, he stood with one foot on and one foot off, pushing them both around, and when it got fast anough, he would get up next to her, and there they sat, going round in circles, dangling their feet and chatting. I couldnt hear what they were talking about, but whenever the roundabout slowed, I would hear her little voice shout to him “Again! Again!”. They eventually made themselves feel sick, and went off to sit on the grass together.

I’ve mentioned before, my son is due to start school in September. Even though he will only be attending in the mornings, I still feel sad when I think about how for 3 hours a day, he will be away from me. I can already see him becoming so independent, finding friends, learning more about the world than I thought possible at his young age. It’s all happening very fast, and seems yesterday that he was tiny and helpless in my arms. I am so proud of him, he has such a wonderful personality. But there are only a few days left. A few days before we leave behind forever the preschool days.  The days when we could sit in bed in the mornings with our cereal, watching Peter Pan. The days where if it was sunny we could pack a bag and head out for hours somewhere exciting. The days of just us, when he was a part of me.

An exciting, sunny day

The perfect way to end these preschool years is a camping trip, and so tomorrow we set off on a long train ride to the most exciting campsite I could find, and we will stay there for two nights. Its our first camping trip and I am excited but a little aprehensive. I am to carry everything we need in a huge rucksack on my back, and keep a 3 year old occupied on a 4 hour train ride. But when we get there I know we will have a wonderful time. We will be back soon, but for now, we are off on an adventure together…

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