The Best Kind of Love

I took J swimming today. We had a wonderful time, he came along leaps and bounds in his swimming, technique and speed. Most importantly, he enjoyed every minute of it. We had our lunch in the cafe afterwards. As I watched my little boy shovelling beans onto his fork with his knife, totally engrossed in his food, one thought entered my mind: I am so in love with him. And then I thought about how this would sound to someone who didnt have children and how no amount of words would ever express how much love I have for him. Its something only a parent could truly understand, and its the best kind of love there is. I count myself lucky to be a mother to my boy every day.

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3 Responses to The Best Kind of Love

  1. Lucy Quick says:

    Oh that’s so lovely! I do know what you mean – I feel the same about my two (well y’know – *most* of the time)!


  2. Oh yes, most of the time! But even when I dont feel it I still know its there 🙂

  3. prymface says:

    My son is 14 and I still do this! (usually when he’s asleep though!) x

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