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Recently, I have been doing much reading of blogs, and not much writing of my own blog. It struck me yesterday, how much has changed since I entered the world of blogging. I started writing my own not long after I started reading and following others, and for me, its a great outlet for me to write, something which I havent done a great deal of since leaving school. The blogging community is fantastic too, and the more blogs I find that I love to read, the less time I have to write my own. So for this post, I thought I would share with you some Blog Love:

My Shitty Twenties. The first blog I ever fell in love with. Emily’s optimistic, yet honest and down to earth outlook on life and the situation she found herself in uplifted my spirits the more I read, and as anyone else who loves this blog will know, her son is just so intelligent and loveable, and has the most wonderful curly hair! Her take on being a single, young mum is inspirational. Brilliant writing.

Who’s the Mummy. Queen of mummy blogs. Sally is a wonderful writer and parent to the fantastic “Flea”, who although she was born a girl, may as well be a boy, with her love of playmobil and pirates, and her refusal to wear girls jeans. I love dipping into this blog to read of Flea and Sally’s latest adventures. And every month, Sally publishes the top 100 parent blogs, from which I have found many other great reads.

Giggles Down Under. The story of a family’s move from Maui to Melbourne, Australia. Kristi’s photography is absolutely brilliant and her writing so beautiful. Her sons’ zest for life and exploration shines through, and I love reading about her latest thrifty buy, or craft project, or day spent at the beach. I just had to go right back to the beginning and read the whole story, and I definately want to get my son a little wooden boat just like Tate’s.

Untypically Jia. She makes me laugh out loud in just about every post, but I also admire her ability to write about her anxiety, OCD and depression, a topic not many bloggers would be willing to share. Jia’s frequent use of demotivator posters and hilarious accounts of conversations, along with her fabulous sense of humour make this blog truly hard to resist, and speaking of irresistable, I always look forward to her Weekly Eye Candy posts…

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  1. Thank you for turning me on to some blogs i didn’t know about.


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