Rain, rain, go away…

Isnt it supposed to be summer? I cannot remember last time we had a day where it did not rain, and for the majority of recent days, it has been torrential.

Every coat and shoe I own is soaked through, we are running out of drying space in the kitchen, the front door has started to leak a little and J’s much loved sand pit is now a water pit with a little bit of sand at the bottom. There are lakes on the pavements and rivers on the roads. Gutters are exploding. The plants are growing fast though, and I’ll bet the ducks are having a whale of a time. My little man peeked out at me from under his froggy umbrella during a particularly heavy downpour yesterday and exclaimed “Isn’t this really fun!” So at least some people are loving it.

It had better stop soon though, or someone may have to start building an ark…

Are you, too enduring relentless rain, or are you one of the lucky ones basking in the summer sun?

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2 Responses to Relentless

  1. Rachael says:

    I feel a bit guilty about this, but we’ve had so much sun it’s unbelievable. I think this must be the famous ‘barbeque summer’ we were forecast last year.

    Saying that, I grew up in Scotland, where we endured many a summer of rain, so I’m relishing this southern sunshine!

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