The First Harvest

We moved into our new house last year, and we now have a garden, one of the main reasons I decided to move. J loves having a garden and hes at that age where its almost essential. He now has a sandpit, which he plays with every day, and when the sun comes out he plays in the paddling pool while I sunbathe with a magazine. I was also very excitied to get going on growing our own fruit and veg, which Ive always wanted to do.

 This year we are trying out redcurrants, lettuce, peppers, tomatoes, potatoes, strawberries and spring onions. J has also grown a sunflower, of which he is very proud, he likes to check on it to see how its doing and waters it constantly. There’s been a lot of learning along the way, I planted about 15 strawberries and 15 peppers and we ended up with one little strawberry plant fighting for its life, but all 15 pepper plants threatening to take over the garden. J has enjoyed helping out with the growing of the fruit and veg, and this week he was able to help with our first harvest. We’ve I’ve eaten some of the lettuce which was so much more delicious than shop bought lettuce, and we had a handful of redcurrants, but this week I decided to dig up the potatoes.

Technically, we have a backyard, not a garden so space is a little limited, and the tomatoes desperately needed planting out properly so I decided to dig up the potatoes early and grow the tomatoes in the new space. We didn’t get very many, to be honest I could have bought the same amount in Asda for £1, but the pride in the fact that we grew them ourselves and the fun we had along the way was more important than how much it cost. We spent a good hour or so with our gardening gloves on, searching in the soil with our trowels and J observed that it was “like finding treasure”.

This is what we got. Not much, as I probably should have left them in longer, but they tasted delicious boiled with herb butter, and mashed with cream, and made into rustic home made chips.

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6 Responses to The First Harvest

  1. Spencer Park says:

    Those spuds look yummy. I grew some and only got a handful (I guess that worked out at about a £1 per spud) but they were the best spuds ever. I hope that you enjoyed them!

  2. Lejay says:

    I always struggle with strawberries. Hopefully in our summer this year (in our new garden) I will have more luck.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog – will follow yours…great read!!!

    • I didnt realise strawberries were so difficult, but we have one little one, Im hoping it makes at least 1 strawberry! I found your blog today, Its going on my blogroll next time I update it.

  3. indie.tea says:

    O, lucky you, fresh potatoes. They have a different taste the first day you pull them from the ground, I think…
    Your son’s sunflower sounds adorable. The first thing I planted was a little green bean plant, and I checked it every morning before going to kindergarten.

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