Funny Faces

Today was one of those days in which nothing particularly spectacular happens, but its just a Really Nice Day. We had a visit from Uncle C, J “helped” me sort out the DVDs in our new TV unit, Granny took us out for lunch, we did our grocery shopping, we went for a drive along the sea-front and watched the Superhero Boat (thats a lifeboat to you and me), we watched Go, Diego, Go! together, we played racing cars, J played outside on his bike and in the sandpit, we had ice cream in the sunshine, and we made funny faces.

Change 4 Life is fantastic, with its ideas for healthy recipes and fun things to do to burn off all that extra energy, its also great because in one of the packs, they sent us some fun fridge magnets which keep my son amused as he gets in touch with his creative side:

Meet “Mummy”…


and “J”…

I think the general idea of the funny faces was to encourage children to eat fruit and vegetables more by familiarising with them during a fun activity. However, although J now knows the names of a very wide variety of vegetables, he still refuses to eat most of them. No matter how many times I put peas on his plate, he will never put them anywhere near his mouth, they are simply “too squashy, Mummy”.

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