The Gallery – Motherhood

Ive followed with interest and with a smile on my face, The Gallery over at Sticky Fingers, but as yet have not submitted anything of my own. I almost contributed to the “7 Sins” week, but that would have involved a picture of my son’s face, so I decided to opt out. Then, I found a fantastic picture of one of my favourite places for the “Beautiful Britain” week, but missed the deadline (something I seem to do quite often).

But this week is the ultimate challenge, to find or take a photograph entitled “Motherhood”. How can one possibly sum up such a word as motherhood in one photograph? I thought about submitting a photo of the crayon on my walls, or one of our fun days out, but I decided that motherhood is not a snapshot, its a lifetime. So this is my contribution:

Motherhood. Motherhood is life growing inside you, it is the agonising pain of bringing that life into the world, it is the rush of such a powerful love when you first look into those brand new eyes. Its changing yet another nappy when you thought you would scream if there was one more, its waking in the night, dragging yourself out of bed ignoring the exhaustion, its watching the life which you created grow and develop and become a person with thoughts, feelings, hopes and fears.

Motherhood is a struggle, a million mistakes, a financial strain, its a limited social life, its selflessness. Its a scream, a cry, a smile and a laugh out loud. Its frustration, heartache, patience and pride, its seeing the world in a whole new light, its appreciating the simple things in life, teaching and learning at the same time. Its dragging an unwilling, kicking child around the supermarket, its splashing in the sea, cleaning last nights dinner off the walls, watching cartoons for hours on end, its juggling a million different things and still managing to find the time to read a bedtime story. Its wanting to hold them and never let them go, but finding the strength to let them go all the same. Its compromise.

Motherhood is a bond. It makes you feel both defeated and invincible. Its the ultimate experience and challenge. Its a million different things. Its complicated, but simple really: its being there for them and putting them first. Its wonderful.

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10 Responses to The Gallery – Motherhood

  1. A really beautiful post. I love the way you describe motherhood. Such contradictions. So difficult. So simple. Lovely.

  2. tiddlyompompom says:

    You describe the rollercoaster that is motherhood so well! great post (and I love the shoes) 😉

    • Thankyou. I used my work shoes, although I’m no longer working, they seemed to fit better, they portray the whole “dashing about and never stopping” side of motherhood.

  3. Lovely post, hits the nail on the head. Love the photo too:)

  4. So true everything you have said and a great photo well done you x

  5. Thankyou for the lovely comments, Ive had a look at the other contributions to the Gallery, they are all fantastic, its lovely to see so many different interpretations.

  6. I love this post! You described it so well – all the contradictions – it’s like a beautiful fight if there is such a thing!…..Great pic too!

  7. Hi,
    Sian – MummyTips / CyberMummy Here…… I’ve just posted with the info you need in order to get your pic printed for the real life CyberMummy Gallery exhibition courtesy of Photobox.
    Do add htp://www.Mummy-tips to your blogroll if you like what you read…

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