And Another Meme

This one is for the “Sunshine Award” and I was tagged by the wonderful Pumpkin’s World, a blog which I have just discovered and already love – written from Baby’s point of view.  Anyway, the title of this meme is “What’s in your bag?” So i guess that means I have to go fetch my bag and give you a peek…

So here it is:

I have just come back from college, so today’s bag is quite a big, hefty one and it contains:

2 Accounts textbooks. 8 practice past exam papers (exam next week, eek!). A pencil case in my favourite colour purple, containing lots of pens which dont work and two which do. The book I am currently reading “The Kid” – Kevin Lewis, a very good read. A bottle of Volvic, I always choose to drink mineral rather than spring water, I feel Im getting more from it. Sunglasses! which was a bit hopeful but also pointless, it rained all day today. My college pass. Make-up including moisturiser, Garnier eye roll-on (a must for the tired mum), mascara, lipgloss, and a nail file.

So thats whats in my bag today, and Id now like to know whats in yours, fellow bloggers. And for your efforts, you too can have a lovely Sunshine Award.

Hayley at SingleMummy

Rock And Roll Mummy

Scribbling Mum

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One Response to And Another Meme

  1. Hayley says:

    Ooo thanking you kindly my dear! Shall have to do this one 😀 xx

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