Holiday Snaps

Its been a while since my last post, my blog has been on the backburner for a few weeks, due to a great many things, including the fact that J has decided that he’d rather go to bed nearer midnight than 7pm. Something Im desperately working on, but hes never been a brilliant sleeper, so I think I just have to accept from time to time.

My brand new, very expensive and uninsured phone which I have only had for just over a month was stolen recently, along with many of my precious photos of our recent holiday together, but luckily the majority were taken on my camera, so heres a snapshot of what we got up to during our time away last month:

J is very good on train rides, which Im so grateful for, it makes things so much easier when planning to travel. We’re hopefully also going camping in August, which involves an even longer train ride. I am going to repeat the excellent idea of the CBeebies magazine, it kept him occupied for hours and he produced some wonderful artwork.

Apart from the egg collecting, the chickens provided another useful way of keeping my son occupied: chicken chasing. Some of the children were a little wary of the chickens who lived on our doorsteps, but my mum keeps chickens in her garden and we go round there quite often so J is very familiar with them. So familiar in fact that he had to be told fairly often not to try and lift them up by their wings.

One of the most brilliant things was the vast expanse of open space. We live in a built up area, but there are quite a lot of green spaces around which we are very lucky to have close by. But this was something else. I could stand at the door of our tent and watch J run off to with his new found friends until he was a spec in the distance. The fresh air and feeling of freedom and simplicity was wonderful. Speaking of simplicity:

This was the toilet. Wonderful, not for the fainthearted, and also not the most private.

But this totally made up for it. So fantastic that if I could afford it, I would buy one for myself. It seemed to consume a whole tree per day, and a lot of the holiday was spent trudging backwards and forwards with a wheelbarrow to fetch wood, but it was great to sit there keeping warm together or getting up in the morning and cooking bacon and eggs on it. Fantastic.

And the goats were lovely and very friendly. It was a goat farm and we learned a lot about what goes on “behind the scenes”. It was quite fascinating, and very interesting to watch the milking. The teenage goats were amusing, acting exactly like you would expect of any teenager, including one which was left to roam where it wished as it simply refused to stay put. We also sampled some of the goats products in the farm shop, which were delicious. The goats butter was the best butter I have ever tasted and we made our own bread to have with it.

I would have some more photos to show here, but I have unfortunately had to accept that I will never get them back. The memories are still there though, which is so much more important, J talks a great deal about how much fun he had there, and the lovely children he spent time with. We may even go back next year if we’re lucky, a part of me would love to live like that all the time, but it was nice to come back home to our creature comforts.

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