Photo Shoot with Rachael Pereira

Today, J had a professional photo shoot with Rachael Pereira. We had to take a “big” train to Rachaels studio, which was an adventure in itself. When we arrived, the atmosphere was very laid back and Rachael took the attention off the camera for J as he played with brightly coloured balls and magnetic trains. It was lovely to sit and watch him play naturally while the photos were taken, and we went in the garden to look for frogs in the pond and have some outside shots done. I was very impressed with the way the shoot was done so naturally and J hardly noticed the photos being taken, which was fantastic as he doesnt like being in front of a camera for more than a few seconds.

The photos should be ready for me to view and choose from on her website later on tonight or tomorrow, which Im really looking forward to, Im sure there will be some fantastic pictures, he was in his element and had a brilliant time. We havent had professional photos taken since he was a baby so this opportunity was wonderful and Im so glad we went, I was very impressed and we both had a fantastic time. Thankyou Rachael!

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3 Responses to Photo Shoot with Rachael Pereira

  1. Hayley says:

    Aw how exciting! Hope you get some lovely shots 😀

  2. Rachael says:

    So glad that you liked the photos and thank you for your kind words. I had so much fun photographing J, and playing trains too 🙂 Hope you are all well x

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