7 Things About Me

I have been tagged by the very interesting and wonderfully random Purple Ramblings to receive the Kreative Blogger award for the meme “7 things about me” and Im finally getting around to writing about 7 things I havent previously mentioned about myself:

1. I was a Sea Cadet as a teenager. I had to dress like this:

I spent a week aboard this:

and I played one of these:

2. I dont have a passport and I have never been abroad or on an aeroplane, but I have been in a helicopter. Twice.

3. After saving a suitable sum of money during my career as accountant/bookkeeper, I would like to do Property Development, much the same as you would see on BBC’s Homes Under The Hammer. I would love to buy something like this:

and restore it into something amazing and unique.

4. I am a serial list writer, yet such a disorganised person. I always write a shopping list, but never come back from the supermarket with the items I planned to buy. I have an ongoing list of housework which needs doing, but my bedroom floor doubles as a wardrobe and the pile of dishes never goes down. I carry around with me a little diary with every single appointment and planned day out, but I rarely keep to it. I have a list of things which need doing/looking for on the internet, but most evenings I spend hours reading blogs and creating fantasy shopping baskets on fashion websites.

5. My most wanted of the celebrity world are:

Gerard Butler

James McAvoy

and Aaron Johnson

but the only man I have ever truly loved is my current boyfriend of two years, he is everything I need and more.

6. I was bullied for years as a kid and it has greatly affected the way I think of myself. I find socialising difficult and am still a very quiet person. But I enjoy life so much that I have learned to live with it and the more time that passes, the stronger I become. Right now, I am the happiest I have ever been.

7. I am on a never ending quest for shiny hair.

And now I have finally got around to writing my list, I get one of these:

and I will tag some fellow bloggers to carry on the meme:

Single Mummy

Single Parenthood By Gappy

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8 Responses to 7 Things About Me

  1. JulieB says:

    Great list… sorry to hear you were bullied as a child – such an awful thing to happen when you are supposed to be at your most carefree. Glad you are happy now though!

    • Thankyou. I dont think bullies realise just how much damage they are doing, and I’m terrified of the same happening to my son, but I know I will be able to support him if it does.

  2. Hayley says:

    From someone whos been bullied as well for too many years as a child well done for admitting it. Yay must do this! *makes mental note*

  3. Ooh James MacAvoy. GRRRRRRR!
    But Aaron Johnsn. That looks a bit like cradle snatching to me? unlesss yu’re hopelessly young yourself….

  4. Haha! Aaron johnson is 19 and I am 21, so not that bad. He is currently engaged to a 42 year old though, so looks like theres already some cradle snatching going on!

  5. Gappy says:

    Wow, I bet a week spent aboard that ship must have been pretty amazing.

    I have taken you up on your tag and posted – thanks so much for the award. x

  6. Cool list. I love when we all get to confess stuff, really makes you think doesn’t it? Although, at 35, I feel well old looking at that photo of Aaron what’s his face. Now, Puck from Glee and you’re talking !:)

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