Everythings Changing

Its been a strange couple of weeks for us. Having to leave my temporary job at the end of March has meant that our whole routine has changed. J no longer goes to his childminders as I cant afford it which was a great shame as he loved her and seeing other kids and doing all the educational activities. I no longer have to get up very early in the morning to get us both ready, which I suppose is a plus, but I feel much less productive now I’m not up at 7am. J’s “daddy days” have also changed in so that he spends more time in the week with me now. I doubt J has particularly noticed this, being so young that he doesn’t really distinguish between weekdays and weekends. We’ve been very up in the air financially, I never know how much money I have to spend and consequently my savings are fast dwindling.

But it has been so amazing being able to spend so much more time with my little boy. When I’m not working, we take every day slowly, spending a lot of time at home watching Ben 10 together, painting, baking, gardening, all the things which are so exciting and interesting for toddlers. We’ve been able to go swimming a lot more and J has finally swam a length all by himself, albeit agonisingly slowly, but he got there! I also get to have a lie in with my boyfriend 1 day a week, which is so nice and I’m very grateful for as its quite a luxury for a mum!

I really am loving spending so much more time with J. But its all going to change again when he starts nursery school in September.

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One Response to Everythings Changing

  1. Sounds like a lot of change going on for you both! I think kids are much more adaptable than we give them credit for, I stress about it but they don’t blink an eyelid. Glad that you’re enjoying the time with J, sometimes I don’t think we Mums appreciate this enough! 🙂

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