Spring has Sprung!

As a kid, I used to like winter. The 2 weeks off school, galavanting in the snow, being able to ignore the cold that is somehow not felt by children, and the seasonal celebrations. As a teenager, I kind of liked the depressingness of it all, in a typical teenage fashion.

As an adult, and in particular a Mother, I despise the winter. It is always cold. Gloves, scarves and plenty of warm jumpers need to be acquired. The central heating needs to be on constantly. Theres no “free” fun to be had, unless you like wrapping up in 3 layers of clothes to go to the park. Its bloody expensive, thats why. Not to mention the lack of sunshine which makes me feel like going into hibernation until its all over.

I love the start of spring, that kickstart feeling as the cold, dark cloud lifts and everything feels lighter, brighter and more promising. I suddenly feel motivated to do not only the housework, but also the decorating, the gardening and all those little jobs which have built up over the past months. I have daffodils on my kitchen table. I can go out wearing a light jacket instead of  drowned by a huge fur coat. Lambs are being born (not that I witness this, but the knowledge that it is happening lifts my spirits). Primark is selling shorts and sandals again!

Spring makes me feel fantastic, optimistic and more alive.

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5 Responses to Spring has Sprung!

  1. JulieB says:

    Yes, spring really is great, although way too early for shorts and sandals, LOL – wonder if we will ever get to wear those again??!

    • Well, I think theres usually about a week long window each year in which to wear shorts and sandals in the UK! But just the fact that they are there to buy makes me look forward to that week – whenever it may be…

  2. I feel just the same – never used to mind winter as a kid; but I’ve felt weirdly trapped inside this year. I’m so pleased its warming up!

  3. Mini-me would happily spend all her days outside regardless of the weather, whereas I could happily hibernate from December to March… And I spend the whole year looking forward to that one week of shorts and sandal wearing 😉

  4. hpretty says:

    I just luurve this time of year. every year it feels like you are seeing it for the very first time. the beauty of it all. happy summer!

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