Im Back, In Case You Missed Me…

Did I mention just how good I am at procrastination? Yes, when I was 12 years old, I acquired myself a new job, a paper round. Two hundred papers and assorted leaflets were delivered to my front door every Wednesday at 6am, and I had to have the leaflets inserted into the newspapers and the newspapers delivered to the surrounding local streets by 5pm on the Thursday. Now this did not have to be a difficult task, if it had not been for me constantly reminding myself that there was plenty of time still left for me to get it done. Unfortunately, every week I would do the whole lot on the Friday morning before school. Occasionaly, I don’t do dishes for a whole week and I end up eating straight out of the pan. Ive been studying AAT at college for almost two years now, and I swear, I havent completed a single homework the whole time. So, yes, I could win an Olympic Gold for procrastination.

Where have I been? Procrastinating, thats where. My laptop adaptor whent kaphut and it took me almost two months to acquire a new one. Thankfully, I’m back up and running now.

J and I woke up last Sunday to a cold day with a very sunny sky and when I asked him what he’d like to do, he replied “build sandcastles”. So we took the train down to the beach, armed with hats, scarves, bucket and spades. We bought doughnuts and sat on a rock to eat them. Then J found a stick and amused himself with that for a while. We built a great many sandcastles, all of which were promptly jumped on and flattened. We had lunch at the bowling alley and played some air hockey, which was a little amusing as J isnt tall enough to reach very far down the table. But he did have a lot of fun at the funfair in a Tweenies aeroplane, and spent ages on the trampolines. I took him into the arcades where he very much enjoyed his first taste of gambling on the 2p machines. I bought us some slush which wasnt the best idea, it didnt help with the cold. And after all that, he still insisted we both run up the steep hill towards the train home.

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