Busy, busy, busy

In the space of 3 weeks, there will be: my brother’s birthday, my Mum’s 50th, Valentines day and my boyfriend’s birthday.

I forgot to go to Halfords today to get my brother his car-related present, so he will be receiving a card full of money instead. And for my Mum’s birthday I would like to do some surprise decorating for her as I know she doesnt have much time to get it done. Unfortunately neither do I. I hope it really is the thought and not the effort that counts.

My boyfriend wants a very hard to find comic book graphic novel, which has indeed proved to be very hard to find. I did locate a very expensive one on eBay but someone else snapped it up before I had a chance to. What I would like to get him is a very nice suit, he doesnt currently own a very nice suit. So do I carry on looking for the present he really wants or do I go ahead and buy him a sexy suit so I can feast my eyes? Hmm… maybe I will be extravagant and buy both so were both happy.

My months of hard work* trying to teach J his alphabet has started paying off. Last week he was building a wooden train track and he said “Oh, what shapes that Mummy? Its a J!” Today he showed me a K. I then showed him an M for Mummy. He responded by turning it upside down and saying “Look its turned into a W!”

J has also discovered a new tune that he likes. I say discovered, he was introduced to it by my brother. I have to play the radio edit version as “Riverside Mo********er” is not what you want your 3 year old son to hear. His dance is rather peculiar, and involves some head-banging, some bum-waggling and a lot of hopping from one foot to the other.

*OK, I admit, its only half my work. Super Why with his Super Duper Computer and his Super Readers with the Power To Read were a great help.

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