Finding my way in the Land Of Blog

I decided a few years ago to start a blog and I did, but I didnt get past the first post. Why? Because I simply didnt have much to write about. I was home alone with my baby all day, I was only 18 and didnt do a lot with my spare time. A few years on and I have the most amazing thing to write about: my little boy, who now has a sense of humour, is interested in absolutely everything around him and is the perfect person to head out on an adventure with. So I spent some time reading a few other parent blogs and decided to give it a go.

Its harder than I thought it would be. Not that I dont have anything to write about, but that it seems more complex than I originally anticipated. There seems to be some competition amongst writers to be the most read, the most linked, the most talked about. I dont have twitter, which it seems I am supposed to. At present, I have no idea how to link to other blogs, or how to embed links. I have no idea how to get my blog out there and to be noticed, but to be honest, at the moment its in its first stages and I feel I should just keep writing for now and see how it turns out. I dont know much about the internet itself, but Im sure most of these things are very simple if you know how. 

And my writing. Im unfortunate enough to be both impatient and a perfectionist, which means that I want to write as fast as possible but that once I see my posts on the page and I read over them days later, I see lots of things I want to change and to word differently. I have stopped myself from doing this because I dont think I should, no matter how bad I think my writing is.

So the land of blog, it turns out, is a very complex place, and now I have entered, I dont wish to leave. I enjoy how theraputic it feels to sit down and write and post it for all to see, whether people read or not, it is still up there. It feels a little scary too, my writing out there for all to see and know. But I wont stop. Its a challenge, and that means I will learn a lot along the way. I enjoy a challenge and this could really turn out to be something amazing if I stick at it.

Im taking J to the Liverpool Museum tomorrow, travelling by Mersey Ferry, which he absolutely loves. He’s never been to a museum before and I would like to arouse some more interest in him of science and the world around us. I love teaching him things. Last weekend, whilst we were making muffins, he was intrigued by the fact that chickens come from eggs but that we also eat eggs. I watched his thoughtful face as I explained it to him, surprised at how intelligent he has become when it seems yesterday he couldnt say a word, only gurgle contentedly.

contented gurgling

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