Let it Snow!

I seem to be the only person I know enjoying the blanket of snow covering Britain. Now obviously I know, it is a damn nuisance for most people with their commuting and weekly shop to get done, it is also very dangerous out there (my brother’s navy base closed and he decided to drive home from Portsmouth to the Wirral, hit a patch of ice while doing 60, thankfully ended up cushioned by a bank of snow on the hard shoulder and had to be towed out), but I just love the way the world looks so pure and beautiful covered in white. We dont usually get snow here and if we do it only lasts a day or two. Its already half melted, uncovering the dirty pavements and reverting the world to its usual dingy greyness. But I had fun while it lasted, I managed not to fall over and also made good use of my new camera while out with J. We tried to make a snowman. The snow was too powdery and wouldn’t stick, but we did succeed in creating a very nice snow pile in the middle of the football pitch in the park.

Planning ahead for the summer, I found the perfect holiday for J and I to enjoy together. Designed specifically for single parents with pre-school children, it is a four day stay on a farm in Nuneaton, living in chalet/log cabin contraptions with wodburning stoves, we have meals together with the other families and the children learn about the farm, feed lambs and play by the water pump. I showed J the pictures of what we would be doing and he was particularly excited that we would be able to sit in front of the fire and warm our toes.

We went to see the Snow White pantomime in the local theatre yesterday. J has never seen a pantomime before and I was worried I would have to take him outside if he didnt like it. He got very tired towards the end, but there was lots of laughing and he thoroughly enjoyed it (especially the ice cream during the interval), despite there being a “scary lady” (wicked witch). I’m not sure he understood the audience participation, he looked quite angry when the older children were shouting “its behind you!” and when the “booo”s started, he turned around and told them all “thats not very nice!”

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