Little Darling

“Mummy! Look! Buzz Lightyear jamas Mummy!”

“Oh look at those do you want some?”

“Yea, Buzz Lightyear jamas!”

(noticing the pricetag as J puts them into the basket)   “Ooh they’re a bit expensive arent they”

“Oh are they too much shall we put them back then?”  (putting them back on the rail)

“Mummy, I cant find my rocket where is it?”

“Its in the blue toybox isn’t it”

“But I can’t see it Mummy”

“Well tip all the toys out and you’ll be able to find it”

“No Mummy, its gonna get all messy!”

Dare I think that this will last?

Christmas was wonderful. J had 4 days straight of opening presents. I was a little jealous. My two brothers came round for christmas dinner at the last minute and a dinner originally cooked for two people managed to feed the four of us with some to spare. My sister also came to stay for a few days which was really nice as she lives very far away and will be going away to sea with the navy for a few months. Even though J hardly sees her, he is always excited when she comes to stay. His memory is astounding at times. Its been about 6 months since she was last here and she slept on my huge comfy sofa in a blue sleeping bag. He said to her when she arrived “Are you going to sleep on the settee with the blue quilt?”

I don’t make new year’s resolutions, due to the fact that I can never keep them, and am subsequently disappointed with myself . But I would like to:

Lose a stone and a half by the summer and reward myself with some nice new summer clothes (as usual I have gotten a little too much into the eating, drinking and being merry without thinking of the consequenses. Half a tin of Quality Street was devoured in the space of less than a week!)

Finish decorationg the house by June, which is when we will have been living here for a year. I have bought bits and bobs and paint and wallpaper samples and lots of nice, pretty co-ordinating things over the months but never seem to get around to painting and putting it all together. I very rarely finish things (was it Leonardo Da Vinci who never finished things? I guess it cant be a bad thing)

Try to be a little more sociable. I tend to enjoy my own company a bit too much, especially after a long day, even on a saturday night, I love getting all cosy in bed, perhaps with some Haagen Dazs, and watching sex and the city episodes back to back. Im also not the best at conversation and speaking out, so thats definately going to be worked on this year.

I can see a little hand edging round my bedroom door, and it is quarter to 9! J has decided in the last week that he would much rather go to bed a 10 o’clock every night aargh!

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